Limited warranty relating to Dedito footwear:

All Dedito boots come with a 10 months warranty under the following restrictions:

  1. Dedito footwear products are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials. If within 10 months of purchase, a defect occurs in an Dedito branded footwear product as the result of normal use, Dedito shooting wear will repair the defect or exchange the product. Product failures caused by excessive or abusive wear conditions do not qualify for exchange or purchase credit.
  2. The Dedito warranty does not apply to ordinary wear and tear or to damage resulting from abuse, negligence, improper repairs, inadequate fit, alterations, modifications or if your Dedito boots are used other than in the manner intended.
  3. Returned boots will only be accepted if they are clean of any dirt and mud.
  4. Please try on your boots or shoes indoors and with the socks you intend to wear before going outside. Once the tags are removed and the shoes are worn outside they will not be accepted for a return for fit. Fit is generally not considered a warranty defect by Dedito.
  5. If you need to return your boots or shoes due to a defect within the first 10-month warranty period, please contact the dealer where you made your original purchase. If ordered online please send us an email describing the problem before sending the boots without notification.