Dedito USA

Ultimate performance footwear

Passion & Quality – that’s who and what we are.  A passion for outdoor adventures.  An understanding that Dedito products need to meet the challenges of the wilderness head on. 

Why you should choose Dedito?


WINDTEX waterproof membrane & scratchproof coating

Made in Italy

Traditional craftsmanship meets cutting edge technology

Exceptionally light & multi-purpose

All models come in at less than 2.2 pounds in weight

Excellent Reputation

``The best decision I have made in purchasing hunting boots``.

Dedito Boots USA Our Bestsellers


The story behind the brand

In 2003 a dog came into my life. Not just any dog, but a dog that would influence my life beyond my expectations. I think it must have been “the chosen one”. It was a working gundog, an HPR or Hunt, Point, Retrieve.

The dog’s name was “Dedito di primavera of Weimar’s Joy”.

Dedito means: “he that is focused on something and won’t let go until his knowledge is satisfied”. And boy oh boy did this name suit him perfectly! Primavera was chosen because we got him in the Spring and Of Weimar’s joy is the prefix of the breeder.

We called him Dodi.  As Dodi was an HPR working dog, I decided to get my shooting license in both The Netherlands and the UK, so I could get as much work as possible for Dodi.  It was Dodi that brought me to North Yorkshire and the rest as they say, is history!