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Care recommendations

Care recommendations Dedito footwear

Which socks to wear?

Cotton and wool socks might seem like sensible natural choices, but they could be causing your feet to feel clammy and uncomfortable.  Ultra-absorbent natural fibres can retain sweat until your socks are damp.  The perspiration doesn’t have the opportunity to evaporate. Stick to synthetic fabric socks and the new technical wool blends.  These are designed to wick moisture away from the feet, where it can then pass out as vapour through the footwear.

Helping to maintain the waterproof membrane

A little maintenance goes a long way in protecting the waterproof Wind-TEX® membrane inside your boots.  When you take your boots off, make sure you shake out any loose dirt or gravel from inside, before they can scratch or wear away the lining. Be careful around fencing or barbed wire, fishhooks, nails, and anything else that might puncture your boots.  Keep your toenails clipped so they don’t damage the inner lining.

Do not dry the boots on top of radiators/heaters or directly in front of open fires/gas heaters. Let the boots dry as naturally as possible in a warm room.

We recommend using a leather care product on a monthly basis all over the boots.  This will keep the boots soft and supple and stop the leather from drying out and cracking, which could lead to leaking.

In extreme temperatures, the PU coating can expand and contract, leading to small cracks, which are not a manufacturing fault.

Any faults should be raised immediately with Dedito Boots customer services as soon as they appear. We will not investigate fault queries that have been allowed to exacerbate over time. We will request a proof of purchase receipt and photographs of the issue to proceed with any warranty claim. Once we receive the required information and the fault falls within warranty guidelines, we will request that the boots be returned to us.


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