About the Dedito brand

How Dedito came about

Dedito di primavera of Weimar’s Joy

In 2003 a dog came into Dario Martina’s life. Not just any dog, but a dog that would influence his life beyond his expectations.  In Dario’s words, “I think he must have been ‘the chosen one”. He was a working gundog, an HPR or Hunt, Point, Retrieve. The dog’s name was ‘Dedito di primavera of Weimar’s Joy’. Dedito means: ‘he that is focused on something and won’t let go until his knowledge is satisfied’. And boy oh boy did this name suit him perfectly! Primavera was chosen because Dario got him in the Spring and Of Weimar’s joy is the prefix of the breeder.

“We called him Dodi.  As Dodi was an HPR (working dog), I decided to gather as much knowledge as I possibly could about the breed and HPR’s in general, travelled to Scotland and the UK to train (to be trained) on the moors so I could get as much work as possible for Dodi. It was Dodi that brought me to North Yorkshire, made me meet up with wonderful people and the rest as they say …….is history!”


Whilst Dario was over in North Yorkshire (UK), helping out on different moors and working his dog, he was asked if he knew the ‘Diotto’ brand of outdoor boots, from Italy? As he wasn’t terribly knowledgeable about the brand at the time, he did some research and discovered that Diotto was a small but high-quality manufacturer of leather boots that have been producing for many generations, based in the North of Italy near Venice.  As Dario is Italian, people started asking him if he could import some boots for them.  Dario contacted the factory and the close working relationship began.

The birth of Dedito

“After a few years of selling the Diotto boots, more as a hobby while I was living in the UK, I started to realise that there was a demand in the UK for an outdoor boot specifically developed for the high demanding fields of the UK. From Moorland to Woodland, from rocks to wet grassland. In 2014 with the feedback received from several gamekeepers using the Diotto boots, I had a meeting in Italy to discuss the possibilities to create an ultimate performance boot. At that point I decided to produce outdoor boots under my own brand name Dedito which was inspired by my first Weimaraner. The brand is a tribute to the dog that brought me into this lifestyle and a brand was born.

After a few years of just selling the outdoor boots and with the demand continuously growing we decided to start the same adventure with a French company to develop our own branded wellies.”

Dedito boots tested by gamekeepers

Initially the boots are developed with the help of gamekeepers. Up to today we use several gamekeepers all over the country as our reference to keep on top of our products and keep delivering quality. We continuously ask them to test our products and give us their feedback.

Dedito boots for varied terrain

We are now selling Dedito Boots to guns, hunters, beaters, gamekeepers, walkers, gundog trainers and all outdoor pursuit enthusiasts.

Dedito boots are ideal for both men and women and we tailor our boots to a shape that will fit different type of feet. Our boots are basically for anyone who needs a good pair of outdoor boots for any activity on rough, wet and varied terrain.

Where passion meets quality

“Dedito was born out of my passion for the outdoor life, especially my love of the grouse moors in Yorkshire, being up there with my HPR dogs on rough and varied terrain. We never stop listening to feedback and always strive to keep improving the products. We aim to deliver The Ultimate performance boot to the highest quality standard.


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