Dedito Moorland and Dodi boots

Dedito Moorland and Dodi boots

If you’ve been checking out our boots on social media, you might be thinking about buying a pair for yourself. Perhaps you love the look of them or maybe you’ve read some of the wonderful reviews people have been posting and figure you would like to try them out…? Well, both of those things are true – we think Dedito boots look very smart (especially as they feature our fabulous logo!) and they get rave reviews from everyone who tries them. But what makes them such brilliant choices for heading out into the wet, cold, muddy and uneven landscape where they excel? Here are the features of our award winning boots Dodi and Moorland.

We’ve crafted Moorland and Dodi all-weather boots from a single piece of supple yet strong Italian leather, shaped to create a supportive, flexible boot. This is then covered with our tough and scratch-resistant polyurethane ‘MIX’ fabric to ensure the leather doesn’t get damaged by brambles or sharp flints. It also ensures that the leather doesn’t become waterlogged and covered in sticky mud, making it heavy for the wearer. Crucially, our boots are breathable meaning that the wearer’s feet don’t overheat when they’re on the move. 

The Moorland is our mid-calf style and the Dodi is our shorter, ankle-length boot. Both feature a clever folded tongue and looped lacing system to fasten the boots, adding stability through the ankle and keeping water out – the Moorland just goes further up the leg! All of the fixtures and fittings of the laces are made from high-quality, rust-proof materials to ensure longevity and durability. Inside, an innovative and breathable Windtex® lining helps to regulate foot temperature and keep out any water which might work its way in. 

The boots are mounted on a tough Vibram sole which is designed to be ’self-cleaning’, meaning that mud will clear out from the tread as you walk. Handy, don’t you think? We hate it when boots are covered in dried mud acting as dead weight on your legs! We’ve also included a rubber anti-shock piece on the heel to absorb any jarring when you’re walking on hard ground or roads. Finally, there’s a rubber cap to offer extra protection to the boot (and therefore your feet). All in all, our boots offer exceptional quality for an excellent price point, helping you to stay safe and comfortable even in the toughest terrain

Has this tempted you to take a closer look at Dedito boots for yourself? You can check out the Dedito model Moorland  and Dedito Model Dodi boots. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions at all!