The benefits of Vibram

The benefits of Vibram

Recognisable by the yellow octagon, Vibram soles are one of the key elements of our outdoor boots.

Anyone who has experienced trekking and hunting in extreme conditions and in difficult ground conditions, will understand how important having the appropriate equipment is and how investing in high-quality gear can improve your experience as well as keeping you safe.

Following a tragic mountaineering accident In 1935, a mountaineer named Vitale Bramani engineered the first rubber lug sole.  Named “carrarmato” (the Italian for tank), the rubber sole had a deep tread, like those seen on a tank or tractor tyre.

Vitale patented the design under the name Vibram (taken from the first letters of his first name and surname) and they soon became the go-to soles in mountaineering footwear.  Today you can see Vibram soles on everything from running shoes to water shoes.

The advantages of a Vibram sole:

Grip: The deep tread and non-slip rubber ensures good traction

Design: Soles are designed with grip, cushioning, traction, braking and stability in mind.

Comfortable : Rubber is a flexible material.  In addition to cushioning, it also flexes with your feet and takes less time to ‘break in’.

Resilience:  Vibram soles are well known for being long-lasting.

Self-cleaning: some Vibram soles are self-cleaning.  When you flex your foot as you are walking, the deep tread sheds the dirt.