News team rate our Dedito Moorland boots! team rate our Dedito Moorland boots!

Nate, Cam and Randy from, have given us some great feedback on our boots.

“We continue to wear the Moorland boot through winter chasing late season roosters in the Dakotas.

We have found the Moorland boot is great from opening day chasing ducks in fields and potholes worn with a light sock, to wearing a heavier sock for late season snow drifts in the thickest of Cattail Sloughs.

While chasing upland birds out west in big sky country to the flat plains, the light-weight Moorland boot will keep you dry all day long while giving you plenty of ankle support and comfort.

We have worn the same pair for over 5 years and don’t plan on switching away from the Dedito Moorland boot anytime soon!

Our wives have worn the new Dedito Luca model while back country hiking and have turned numerous heads while wearing the new Limited Release boot!

While crisscrossing creeks and climbing steep rock banks the Luca pair has lived up to not just looking good but staying dry while being lightweight and well above average in comfort.

The Dodi is the next best thing if you are looking for a lower cut boot compared to the Moorland pair.

The Dedito boots have an outer leather layer almost compared to a heavy-duty truck bed liner that holds up to the toughest conditions you can put them through!

While on a moose hunt along the Yukon River I had my Dedito Moorland boots with me. We were in Alaska for the whole month of September traveling the Yukon River chasing moose.

We travelled over 1600 miles by boat along the Yukon River and we didn’t blink an eye reaching for our Dedito Moorland boots before leaving for the 28 day trip!

The Moorland boots were the only pair of boots I had with on the trip! We used em daily/hourly from sitting in the boat to jumping out on the muddy river banks to walking oxbows glassing for the famous Alaskan moose!

The Moorland boot was just as important of a tool on our trip as the rifle used to take down our moose.

If you are looking for a new high-end pair of hunting boots take a hard look at the Dedito boots!

Our team highly recommends the Moorland pair for all back country mountain trips, but don’t overlook the Dedito boots for any hunting or outdoor activities in the Midwest.

You will be happy you picked up a pair.

Please reach out to us with any questions about any of the boots.”

Nate Gainey